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headshot-1About Patrick Sharp, DO

President, Cenegenics Tulsa

Dr. Sharp graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy and earned his D.O. degree from the Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. He completed a family practice medicine residency at Oklahoma State University.

He practiced his specialty at several hospital groups: St Francis Hospital, South Crest Hospital and Ardent Health Systems. In 2004, he completed the Cenegenics Physician Training and Certification in Age Management Medicine and added a part-time Cenegenics physician affiliate practice to his existing family practice.

By January 2010, Dr. Sharp entered age management medicine and the study of nutrition, exercise and hormone replacement therapy for men and women full time, in partnership with Cenegenics.
Like other Cenegenics physicians, Dr. Sharp walks the walk. He is a longtime fitness aficionado with a 4th degree black belt in karate, 3rd degree black belt in Ketsugo Ju-Jitsu and a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.